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L'Orgue du Sultan à Toulouse

Sunday 9 october, 18:00
Duration: 1:20

auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines (Toulouse)

A mechanical organ: that the royal gift Elizabeth 1st decides to offer in 1599 to the Sultan of Constantinople, with the hope of establishing good political relations between England and the Ottoman Empire. For this challenge, the organ builder Thomas Dallam launches the construction of a magnificent instrument, decorated with clocks and automata, and bring himself the gift to the Suktan. During the six months of his journay  on the ship Hector, Dallam write everithing until the delivery of the instrument to the Sultan Mehmet III in person.
Scholarly and refined English polyphony for English, complex improvisations and oriental melodies adorned endlessly for the Turkish ... L'Acheron and Sultan Veled invite listeners to relive the historic meeting of the English baroque and the turkish music.

Coproduction Festival international Toulouse les Orgues  / la Fondation Royaumont /  le Festival Musical de Namur / L’Arsenal de Metz

 Amel Brahim-Djelloul, soprano
Ensemble l’Achéron
François Joubert-Caillet, treble viol
Ensemble Sultan Veled